A SCIM User consists of one required attribute (userName) and additional descriptive attributes:

userName String Unique identifier for the User as described by the SCIM Consumer (typically the user name used to login) [REQUIRED]
name Complex Attribute Components of the user's real name:
formatted name String The formatted representation of the user (i.e. "Ms Meredith Anne Archer, II")
familyName name String Family or last name of the user (i.e. Archer)
givenName name String Given or first name of the user (i.e. Meredith)
middleName name String The middle name(s) or initial(s) of the user (i.e. Anne)
honorificPrefix name String Honorific or personal title of the user (i.e. Mr, Ms)
honorificSuffix name String Honorific or generational suffix of the user (i.e. Jr, II)
displayName String How the user name should be presented in an application, this is not necessarily tied to the formatted name attribute (i.e. Archer, Meredith A)
nickName String Casual or preferred representation of the user's name (i.e. Bob rather than Robert)
profileUrl String A fully qualified URL of the users profile (i.e. https://profiles.pingdevelopers.com/marcher)
title String Work title of the user (i.e. "Software Developer")
userType String Defines the relationship of the user to the SCIM Service Provider organization (i.e. Employee)
preferredLanguage String User's preferred language and dialect (i.e. en_US)
locale String User's locale for localization purposes (currency, date time format etc) (i.e. en_US)
timezone String User's timezone in the "Olson" timezone database format (i.e. America/Denver)
active Boolean Whether the user is active at the Service Provider
password String WRITE-ONLY. The user's clear-text password. Can only be provided in a POST operation (for a create) or a PUT operation for a password change.
emails String Multi-valued Email address(es) for the user. Common "type" values are work, home, other.
phoneNumbers String Multi-valued Telephone number(s) for the user. Common "type" values are work, home, fax, pager, mobile, other.
ims String Multi-valued Instant messaging address(es) for the user. Common "type" values are gtalk, icq, aim, skype
photos String Multi-valued URL of a profile photo for the user. Common "type" values are thumbnail, photo
addresses Complex Attribute Multi-Valued Physical mailing address for the user. Common "type" values are home, work, other
formatted addresses String Full mailing address formatted for display (i.e. 1001 17th Street\nSuite 100\nDenver CO 80202)
streetAddress addresses String Full street address component (i.e. 1001 17th Street\nSuite 100)
locality addresses String The city or locality (i.e. Denver)
region addresses String The region / state / province of the address (i.e. CO)
postalCode addresses String The postal code or zipcode of the address (i.e. 80202)
country addresses String ISO3166-1 alpha 2 "short" format of the country (i.e. US)
groups String Multi-Valued List of groups the user belongs to
entitlements Undefined Multi-Valued List of entitlements for the user (SCIM doesn't specify a format for these entitlements)
roles String Multi-Valued List of roles the user has (although SCIM doesn't specify a format for roles, its expected that they are a list of String values)
x509Certificates Binary List of x509 certificates for the user. Value is a binary (base64 encoded) DER encoded x509 certificate.