Getting Started

The Ping Identity Professional Services team works with you to set up the platform and environments, and when it's available, users can perform tasks themselves through the platform or submit support tickets for tasks they can't complete themselves.

  1. Professional Services works with you to initially set up the solution.

    The team connects to your on-premise infrastructure and configures your data sources, environments, authentication and password policies, and ensures the platform is working correctly. Ping follows industry best practices and deploys its products using Kubernetes and Docker.

  2. The Support team and the Site Reliability Engineers proactively monitor your infrastructure and deployments and attempt to address issues before they become problems. They don't monitor your product configurations.
  3. When the government solutions IAM services are available, administrators can perform a variety of tasks in each product administrative console, PingCentral or administrative APIs.

Professional Services helps with initial setup, including:

  • Deployment
  • Authentication policies
  • Application onboarding

Additional projects can be arranged at any time for additional use cases or complicated tasks, including:

  • Custom integration kits
  • Custom data sources
  • Migration projects
  • Application onboarding
  • Significant changes to the original setup