Keep the PingOne for Enterprise Review Setup tab open. You will need values from the Review Setup tab to complete your configuration in DocuSign.

  1. In a separate tab or window, sign on to the DocuSign administrative console.
  2. From the DocuSign dashboard, click Identity Providers, then click Add Identity Provider.
  3. In the Identity Provider Settings form, enter the following information:


    Enter a name for this connection.

    Identity Provider Issuer


    Identity Provider Login URL<idpid>

    Replace <idpid> with the idpid value.

    Optional: Identity Provider Logout URL

    Single Logout Endpoint

    Optional: Identity Provider Metadata URL

    SAML Metadata URL

  4. In PingOne for Enterprise, click Download to download the Signing Certificate.
  5. In DocuSign, click Add Certificate and upload the PingOne for Enterprise signing certificate you downloaded.
  6. Click Save.