Ensure that your Smartsheet account is an enterprise account.

  1. On the Review Setup tab, go to the SAML Metadata line and click Download to download the PingOne metadata.
  2. Click Finish to complete your configuration and add Smartsheet to your PingOne Dock.
  3. In a separate tab or window, sign on to your Smartsheet account as an administrative user.
  4. In Smartsheet, go to Account > Account Admin > Security Controls.
  5. Under the Authentication heading, click Edit.
  6. Click Not Configured.
    Smartsheet opens the SAML Administration form.
  7. Click Add IdP.
  8. In the IdP Nickname field, enter a name for the connection.
  9. Enter the PingOne metadata.
    1. In a plain text editor, open the PingOne metadata file you downloaded in step 1.
    2. Copy the contents of the file.
    3. In Smartsheet, paste the file contents into the IdP Metadata field.
  10. Click Save.
  11. Click Activate.
    The IdP Status will change from Inactive to Active, Default
  12. In the Authentication form, select the SAML check box to enable the SAML connection.
  13. Click Save.