Single sign-on (SSO) is only available to paid business and educational Zoom accounts.

  1. In the PingOne for Enterprise admin console, go to Applications > Application Catalog.
  2. Optional: In the Search field, search for the application.
  3. Click the Zoom application line to expand it and click Setup.
  4. In a separate tab, go to and sign on to your account as an administrative user.
  5. In the Zoom admin console, click Single Sign-On.
  6. On the Vanity URL line, click Apply.
  7. In the Vanity URL field, enter a vanity URL for your organization and click Apply.

    For more information, see Guidelines for Vanity URL requests in the Zoom documentation.


    Zoom takes 1-2 business days to process vanity URL requests.

After Zoom approves your vanity URL request, return to the Zoom app catalog application and click Continue to Next Step.