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The PingAccess 6.3.2 incremental maintenance package is unavailable. Upgrades from PingAccess 6.3 versions prior to 6.3.2 do not support the incremental upgrade package and must use the Upgrade Utility to perform the upgrade.

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Backported the web session attribute rule Matching Strategy selector introduced in PingAccess 7.3. Select an option from this list to change how PingAccess evaluates attributes.

Additionally, you can now define the matching strategy that you want to use for web session attribute rules. To do so, specify a value for a new property in the <PA_HOME>/upgrade/conf/ file:


The accepted values for this property are:


After setting this value, you can follow the upgrading PingAccess procedure that's relevant to your environment to upgrade to 6.3.7. For more information, see adding web session attribute rules and upgrade utility configuration file reference.