1. Download PingFederate 9.1 or later.
  2. Install PingFederate.
  3. Optional: If you plan to use the one-time authentication app, install the CIBA authenticator plugin.
    1. Copy the contents of the <Quickstart Home>/plugins/deploy directory into the <PingFederate Home>/server/default/deploy directory.
    2. Copy the contents of the <Quickstart Home>/plugins/conf directory into the <PingFederate Home>/server/default/conf directory.

    If you want to use an authenticator other than the CIBA authenticator, you must manually configure it in PingFederate before configuring the one-time authentication app.

  4. Perform the first-time configuration
  5. In the Enable Roles step, select Identity Provider and OAuth Authorization Server.
  6. Enable OpenID Connect in PingFederate.
    1. Sign on to PingFederate.
    2. Go to System > Protocol Settings > Roles and Protocols.
    3. Select the OpenID Connect checkbox.
    4. Click Save.
  7. Download PingAccess 6.0 or later.
  8. Install PingAccess and perform the first-time configuration.
  9. Download and extract the PingAccess QuickStart bundle.
  10. Change to the QuickStart directory and run the quickstart-server-<version>.jar file.
    java -jar quickstart-server-

    You can use the --server.port=<port> argument to specify a port other than the default of 8443.

    java -jar quickstart-server- --server.port=8444
Connecting the QuickStart utility to PingAccess and PingFederate