Field Required Description
Name Yes Specify a name that identifies the third-party service.
Targets Yes Specify one or more host name:port pairs used to reach the third-party service.
Secure No Indicate whether or not the target is expecting a secure connection.
Host Value No An optional value used as the host header field value used in requests to a third-party service regardless of the target used.
Skip Host name Verification No For secure connections, select to indicate that the third-party service should not perform host name verification of the certificate.
Expected Certificate Host name No For secure connections, enter the name of the host expected in the certificate when host name verification is enabled.
Availability Profile Yes Indicate the availability profile to use. To create a new availability profile, click + Create Availability Profile.
Load Balancing Strategy No Select the load-balancing strategy to use if more than one target is defined.
Maximum Connections Yes Indicates the maximum number of HTTP-persistent connections PingAccess will open and maintain for the service. The default of -1 indicates unlimited connections.
Use Proxy No Indicates that requests to the site should use a configured proxy.