Note: Runtime state clustering using JGroups has been deprecated. Deployments relying on runtime state clustering will continue to function, but the feature may be altered or replaced in future versions. Runtime state clustering is disabled in FIPS mode.
  1. Modify <PA_HOME>/conf/ and change the pa.cluster.interprocess.communication value from none to either tcp or udp.

    Using UDP for the interprocess communication allows a multicast group to be used for this communication, which might be more efficient in large environments.

    • If TCP is used for interprocess communication, configure the pa.cluster.tcp.discovery.initial.hosts value to specify a list of initial hosts to contact for group discovery.
    • If UDP is used for interprocess communication, optionally configure the and values for each group of nodes.
  2. Update the pa.cluster.bind.address with the IP address of the network interface that should handle the interprocess communication traffic for the cluster.
  3. Place a load balancer in front of each group of nodes to distribute the load across the nodes.
  4. Restart the engine nodes.