Resolved issues


The PingAccess 6.3.2 incremental maintenance package is unavailable. Upgrades from PingAccess 6.3 versions prior to 6.3.2 do not support the incremental upgrade package and must use the Upgrade Utility to perform the upgrade.

Ticket ID Description
PA-14557 PingAccess upgraded to Log4j version 2.17.1
PA-14414 Fixed an issue where PingAccess could not use non-FIPS HSM key pairs at runtime.
PA-14558 Fixed an issue that caused key rolling to result in Admin Token Provider and System Token Provider being switched.
PA-14559 Fixed an issue that caused PingAccess Admin UI to incorrectly initialize an application with the state of another application leading to scenarios where an administrator could mistakenly update an application with the data of another application.
PA-14560 Fixed an issue in the CRL client certificate authentication flow that returned a 500 error code when PingAccess is in FIPS mode.
PA-14561 Fixed a typo in the Content-Security-Policy header that prevented PingAccess from loading external scripts from HTML responses.