Console and syslog appenders are pre-configured in log4j2.xml, but are disabled by default.

Perform the following steps to enable additional appenders.

  1. Open conf/log4j2.xml in an editor.
  2. Locate the following lines in the <Loggers> element.
    <AsyncLogger name="com.pingidentity" level="DEBUG" additivity="false" includeLocation="false">
        <AppenderRef ref="File"/>
        <!--<AppenderRef ref="CONSOLE" />-->
        <!--<AppenderRef ref="SYSLOG" />-->

    If you have customized logging to enable logging for additional classes, locate the <AsyncLogger> element that is relevant to the class in question. This class is defined in the <AsyncLogger>name attribute.

  3. Uncomment the <AppenderRef> element that applies to the appender you want to enable.

    PingAccess will rescan the logging configuration within 30 seconds and make the change active automatically.

  4. Save the file.