The options presented here each reduce the PingAccess cookie size. The amount of reduction depends on your environment and can't be precisely quantified.

  • When configuring the web session, enable the Cache User Attributes option. This option caches user information for use in policy decisions instead of including it in the cookie, reducing the cookie size. For more information, see Creating web sessions and Editing web sessions .
  • When configuring the site, disable the Send Token option. This minimizes the amount of information forwarded to the site itself. For more information, see Adding sites, Editing sites, and Site field descriptions.
  • When configuring web session management, select the simplest algorithms: ECDSA using P-256 Curve for the Signing Algorithm and AES 128 with CBC and HMAC SHA 256 for the Encryption Algorithm. This change reduces the cookie size although the impact is not as significant as the other options. This option might not be possible depending on your environment's security needs. For more information, see Configuring web session management settings.