You can configure several properties in the file for increased performance. See the agent documentation for Apache or IIS for more information on agent configuration and setting properties.

Maximum Connections

Connections from the agent to PingAccess are limited by agent.engine.configuration.maxConnections. Though the default is set to 10, the PingAccess policy server sees optimal performance at 50 concurrent requests per CPU. In certain situations it can be advantageous to increase the number of connections. In the event that all connections in the pool are in use, a requesting thread waits for one to become available. Assuming that the response time to PingAccess is sufficiently fast, the time spent waiting for a connection is likely to be less than if the system becomes overloaded.

This is the maximum number of connections per worker process, and not simply the total number of workers the agent has access to. Setting the agent.engine.configuration.maxConnections value too low might create a bottleneck to PingAccess, and setting the value too high might cause PingAccess to become overloaded.

Maximum Tokens

By default, the maximum number of cached tokens in an agent is unlimited. In certain situations, it can be advantageous to limit the size of the cache for the agent, as a smaller cache has a smaller memory footprint, freeing up memory available to the application for servicing requests. However, when the token cache limit is reached, the least-recently used token-policy mapping will be removed from the cache. If that token-policy mapping happens to be needed again, the agent will have a cache miss, resulting in the need to obtain a new token-policy mapping from PingAccess.