For more information on PingFederate roles and protocols, see Choose roles and protocols.

  1. In the PingFederate administrative console, go to System > Server > Protocol Settings.
  2. Click Roles & Protocols and verify that the following items are selected. Click Next.
    • Enable OAuth 2.0 Authorization Server as Role (role) and OpenID Connect (protocol)
    • Enable Identity Provider (IdP) Role and Support the Following: (role) and SAML 2.0 (protocol)
  3. On the Federation Info tab, enter the URL of your PingFederate environment and your SAML 2.0 entity ID, then click Next.

    For example:

    • Base URL: https://mypingfedserver:9031
    • SAML 2.0 Entity ID: https://mypingfedserver/idp
  4. Review the summary. Click Save.
Create a password credential validator.