Adding a PingOne connection - PingAccess - 7.2


PingAccess 7.2

Add a credential from your PingOne environment to the PingAccess administrative console to establish a connection between PingAccess and PingOne Protect.

  1. Configure PingOne Protect for connectivity with PingAccess:
    1. In your PingOne administrative environment, go to Integrations > PingFederate.

      Currently, you must use a PingFederate connection because PingAccess does not have one of its own.

    2. Expand an existing connection or click the + icon to create a new one.
    3. On the Overview tab, click the + icon next to Credentials.
    4. Click the Copy to clipboard icon, then click Done.

      This copies a JSON Web Token (JWT)JSON Web Token (JWT)JWT An IETF standard container format for a JSON object used for the secure exchange of content, such as identity or entitlement information. To read the industry standard, see RFC 7519 to your clipboard that contains information on your PingOne environment.

  2. Configure PingAccess for connectivity with PingOne Protect:
    1. In PingAccess, go to Settings > System > PingOne Connections and click + Add PingOne Connection.
    2. Complete the fields.

      For more information, see PingOne connection field descriptions.

    3. Click Save.

After you've created a connection, you can assign it to a specific risk policy through the Risk Policies page. For more information, see Adding a risk policy.