1. Configure PingOne Protect for connectivity with PingAccess:
    1. In your PingOne administrative environment, go to Integrations > PingFederate.

      Currently, you must use a PingFederate connection because PingAccess does not have one of its own.

    2. Expand an existing connection or click the + icon to create a new one.
    3. On the Overview tab, click the + icon next to Credentials.
    4. Click the Copy to clipboard icon, then click Done.

      This copies a JSON Web Token (JWT) to your clipboard that contains information on your PingOne environment.

  2. Configure PingAccess for connectivity with PingOne Protect:
    1. In PingAccess, go to Settings > System > PingOne Connections and click + Add PingOne Connection.
    2. Complete the fields.

      For more information, see PingOne connection field descriptions.

    3. Click Save.

After you've created a connection, you can assign it to a specific risk policy through the Risk Policies page. For more information, see Adding a risk policy.