1. Configure PingOne Protect for connectivity with PingAccess:
    1. In your PingOne administrative environment, go to Connections.
    2. In the Ping Products section, click the PingFederate connection.

      Currently, you must use the PingFederate connection because PingAccess does not have one of its own.

    3. On the connection that you decide to use, click the Pencil icon.
    4. On the Configuration tab, click +Add next to Credentials.

      This copies a JSON Web Token (JWT) to your clipboard that contains information on your PingOne environment.

  2. Configure PingAccess for connectivity with PingOne Protect:
    1. In PingAccess, go to Settings > System > PingOne Connections and click +Add PingOne Connection.
    2. Complete the fields.

      For more information, see PingOne connection field descriptions.

    3. Click Save.

After you've created a connection, you can assign it to a specific risk policy through the Risk Policies page. For more information, see Adding a risk policy.