Make sure that:

  • You have set up a PingOne connection in PingAccess.
  • You have your PingOne credential easily accessible to copy and paste.

For more information, see Adding a PingOne connection.

To add a risk policy:

  1. In the PingAccess administrative console, go to Access > Risk Policies and click +Add Risk Policy.
  2. Complete the fields.

    For more information, see Risk policy field descriptions.


    Currently, PingAccess only accepts the PingOne risk policy type. You can only configure a PingOne risk policy in PingOne Risk. For more information, see Risk policies in the PingOne Cloud Platform documentation.

  3. Click Save.

After you've created a PingAccess risk policy, you can assign it to a specific application or resource. For more information, see Application field descriptions or Adding application resources.