Make sure that:

  • You have set up a PingOne connection in PingAccess.
  • You have your PingOne credential easily accessible to copy and paste.

For more information, see Adding a PingOne connection.

To add a risk policy:

  1. In the PingAccess administrative console, go to Access > Risk Policies and click +Add Risk Policy.
  2. Complete the fields.

    For more information, see Risk policy field descriptions.


    You can only configure a PingOne risk policy in PingOne Protect.

    PingAccess doesn't currently support device profiling, so New Device and other device-related PingOne predictor types shouldn't be included in a PingOne risk policy that you intend to use with PingAccess. Some of these device-related predictor types are included in the default PingOne risk policy. Make sure to remove the following predictor types from your configuration or adjust the weights or scores associated with them:

    • Anonymous network detection
    • Geovelocity anomaly
    • IP reputation
    • IP velocity
    • New device
    • User location anomaly

    For more information, see Risk policies in the PingOne Cloud Platform documentation.

  3. Click Save.

After you've created a PingAccess risk policy, you can assign it to a specific application or resource. For more information, see Application field descriptions or Adding application resources.