Field Required Description



A unique name for this PingOne connection.



An optional description for this PingOne connection.



In the Credential field, paste the JSON Web Token (JWT) that you copied to your clipboard in step 1d of Adding a PingOne connection. This credential is necessary to establish a connection with PingOne.


Whenever you save a PingOne connection, PingAccess validates the credential you specified to make sure it can communicate with the associated PingOne environment.

Advanced Settings

To configure advanced settings on a PingOne connection, expand the Show Advanced Settings section at the bottom of the PingOne Connections tab. These settings are optional.

Field Description

Trusted Certificate Group

The group of certificates that you want to use to establish trust when using this connection to communicate with PingOne.

Use Proxy

Select the Use Proxy check box if you plan to use a proxy to send HTTPS requests to PingOne.