Shut down any running programs, including the Windows Event Viewer. Running applications might cause the installation to fail.


If the system is running application pools in 32-bit compatibility mode, review the Troubleshooting for information about preventing a known issue.

  1. Extract the PingAccess agent for IIS .zip file.

    The installer cannot be run from inside the .zip file. You must first extract it.

  2. Run the pingaccess-agent-iis.msi installer.
    1. Click Next.
    2. Optional: Specify a new destination folder, and then click Next.
    3. Click Install.
    4. Click Finish.
  3. In the PingAccess console, go to Applications > Agents.
  4. Edit a configured agent.

    If the agent has not yet been created, follow the procedure in the PingAccess User Interface Reference Guide.

  5. In the shared secret, click the Download icon to download the configuration.

    The configuration file is named <agentname>

  6. To create the C:\Program Files\Ping Identity\PingAccess Agent for IIS\ file on the agent system, copy and rename the <agentname> file. .

    If you changed the destination folder for the agent, update the file path for the file to match the new location.

  7. Restart Microsoft IIS Server on the system:
    1. Launch IIS Manager.
    2. Navigate to the web server node in the Connections tree.
    3. In the Actions pane, click Restart.

    You can restart the IIS service by running the command iisreset /restart.