For installation with the IBM HTTP Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, see Manually installing on an IBM HTTP Server

Download and extract pingaccess-agent-apache24-rhel7-<version>.zip


The agent RPM has required dependencies that might be available through standard repositories. If these dependencies are not available in your Linux version, you can install them using the included libpgm-5_2-0-5.2.122-32.1.x86_64.rpm, libsodium18-1.0.11-1.1.x86_64.rpm, and libzmq5-4.3.1-23.6.x86_64.rpm packages. You can install these RPMs using this command: yum install libsodium*rpm libpgm*rpm libzmq*rpm.

  1. In the PingAccess console, go to Applications > Agents.
  2. Edit a configured agent.

    If the agent has not yet been created, see the PingAccess User Interface Reference Guide.

  3. In the shared secret, click the Download icon to download the configuration.

    The configuration file will be named <agentname>

  4. In RHEL, change to the pingaccess-agent-apache24-rhel7-<version>/x86_64 directory.
  5. As root, install the PingAccess Agent for Apache using the following command.
    yum install pingaccess-agent-apache-*.rpm
  6. Copy the <agentname> file to /etc/httpd/conf.d/
  7. As root, restart the Apache service using the following command.
    systemctl restart httpd.service