This procedure makes the following assumptions:

  • The IBM HTTP Server has been installed and configured following IBM's documentation.
  • The environment is running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.
  • You have downloaded the appropriate pingaccess-agent-apache24-rhel7*.zip distribution file and have extracted it.
  • You have configured an agent in PingAccess, and have downloaded the <agentname> file.
  • apachectl for the running IBM HTTP Server instance is in the path.
  • The Apache installation is assumed to live at $APACHE. In the steps in this procedure, modify the paths specified based on where your Apache installation and configuration files are located.
  • You have installed libcurl and PCRE or verified that they are installed. To install these packages, use the following command.
    yum install libcurl pcre
  1. Change to the pingaccess-agent-apache24-rhel7-<version>/<arch>/ directory.

    Valid values for <arch> are x86 for 32-bit and x86_64 for 64-bit.

    cd pingaccess-agent-apache24-rhel7-1.5.0/x86/
  2. Extract the package RPMs with the following command.
    mkdir pkgroot
    cp *.rpm pkgroot/
    cd pkgroot
    for r in *.rpm; do rpm2cpio $r | cpio -idmv; done
  3. Execute the following command to copy the libraries to the appropriate Apache directories:
    • For RedHat Enterprise Linux 7 (x86_64):
      cp -av usr/lib64/*.so* $APACHE/modules
    • For RedHat Enterprise Linux 7 (x86):
      cp -av usr/lib/*.so* $APACHE/modules
  4. Copy into the Apache modules directory:
    cp -av ../ $APACHE/modules
  5. Copy paa.conf to the Apache configuration directory:
    cp -av ../paa.conf $APACHE/conf
  6. Edit paa.conf and add the following lines before the LoadModule directive:
    LoadFile modules/
    LoadFile modules/
  7. In paa.conf, update the values for PaaPropertyFiles and PaaCertificateDir to point to your Apache conf directory.
  8. Add the following directive to the Apache configuration file, $APACHE/conf/httpd.conf, to include the PingAccess Agent for Apache module configuration:
    Include conf/paa.conf
  9. Copy the <agentname> file to $APACHE/conf/
  10. Restart the Apache service by running apachectl restart.