You must be familiar with the steps required to temporarily remove the engine from your load balancer configuration.


To maintain resource availability, you should remove only the engine you are upgrading. After the upgrade is complete, add the engine back to the load balancer configuration. Only after you confirm that the engine has been successfully added to the load balancer and is reporting properly to PingAccess should you begin the upgrade process on additional engines.

The following flowchart demonstrates engine removal.

Flowchart showing a PingAccess deployment as an engine is removed from the load balancer.

In the previous flowchart:

  1. A user with a WebSession Cookie sends a request to the load balancer.
  2. The load balancer directs the request to one of the other two engine nodes. All of the engine nodes are still using the source version of PingAccess.
  3. The administrative node is using the target version of PingAccess.
  1. Identify and note the engine you want to upgrade. Ensure you have the engine definition for this engine available.
  2. Remove the engine from the load balancer.

    Keep a record of the changes you make so that you can reverse this operation later in Adding the engine to the load balancer configuration.

  3. Restart the load balancer.