In <PA_HOME>/conf/localization/, properties files contain the messages to be returned to the client in various languages; by default, only English language messages are provided, using the default file. This file serves as a fallback for any message not found in other files in the directory.

The selection of a messages file is determined based on several different factors:
  • The browser's Accept-Langauge header, based on a best-match first check against the pa-messages files
  • The value of a cookie named ping-accept-language, which can be defined by the protected application
  • A custom-developed PingAccess add-on that can customize the order of localization resolution

The default behavior allows the ping-accept-language cookie to override the browser preferences, and if that cookie is not set, then to use the Accept-Language header preference order, starting with the highest priority preference and trying to match the locale exactly. If none of the specified locales cannot be matched exactly, a more generic locale will be used, starting with the highest priority value.

If no matches are found, then the value in the file is used.

For example, suppose your browser had the following Accept-Language header,
Accept-Language: fr-CA;q=0.9, en-US;q=0.8
and PingAccess attempted to display a localized version of the message for
The order in which PingAccess searches for the string to display is:
If the ping-accept-language cookie is set by the protected application to the value en-US, then the above list would be ignored, and PingAccess would search for the string in:

Most browsers support the use of an ordered list of languages. Safari is an exception to this. Even though the system supports an ordered list of languages, only the preferred language is sent with its requests.

The features documented here are affected by the settings in the configuration file. See the Configuration file reference for more information.