Version history

Version 1.6.0 – July 2024
Agent SDK for C version 1.4
  • If you use a Web + API application, the vnd-pi-resource-cache PingAccess agent protocol (PAAP) header now contains an additional path so Web + API applications can cache both cookie and authorization header token-types. For more information, see the Cache multiple token-types for Web + API applications entry in the PingAccess 8.1 release notes, and the agent.cache.defaultTokenType property on the Apache (Windows) agent configuration page.

    Existing agent environments ignore the new vnd-pi-token-cache-oauth-ttl header and additional paths in the vnd-pi-resource-cache header.

    To see the performance boost, upgrade to PingAccess 8.1 and upgrade to the latest version of the Apache (Windows) agent. Otherwise, continue to use an earlier agent version.

  • Configure a PingAccess Apache agent or the PingAccess agent for IIS to block requests that contain bad characters in the URI, query parameters, form parameters, or request body without having to reach out to PingAccess for a decision. Added eight new properties to each agent:
    1. agent.request.block.xss.characters
    2. agent.request.block.uri.characters
    3. agent.request.block.query.characters
    4. agent.request.block.form.characters
    5. agent.request.block.xss.http.status
    6. agent.request.block.uri.http.status
    7. agent.request.block.query.http.status
    8. agent.request.block.form.http.status

    Learn more in the Windows agent configuration page.


    For large scale or more complex blocking decisions, it's best practice for the agent to reach out to PingAccess for a decision.

Version 1.5.2 – September 2021
Agent SDK for C version 1.3
Added an option to override the default X-Forwarded-Host header with a specified header.
Version 1.5.1 – April 2021
Agent SDK for C version 1.3
  • Fixed an issue that caused large bodies sent through POST preservation in an agent deployment to be corrupted.
Version 1.5 – July 2020
Agent SDK for C version 1.3
  • Added agent inventory callback API
Version 1.4.1 – February 2020
Agent SDK for C version 1.2.1
  • Fixed a potential security issue
Version 1.4 – July 2019
Agent SDK for C version 1.2.0
  • Initial release for Apache 2.4 on Windows

Version is aligned with PingAccess Agent for Apache (RHEL).