The application is where you manage access control rules, identity mappings, and other application protection features. To add an API application, configure access validation, and configure Apigee as the application destination:
  1. Go to Applications > Applications and click +Application.
  2. Enter a Name, and then enter the Context Root and select or create the Virtual Host(s) values to match how the application’s APIs are exposed from your Apigee environment.
    1. Optional: Click +Create to create a new Virtual Host.
    This screen capture shows the top of a completed API application. The Name, Context Root, and Virutal Host(s) fields are filled out accordingly.
  3. In the Application Type list, select API.
  4. In the Access Validation list, select a form of access validation.
    A screen capture showing the Application Type field with API selected. Token Provider is selected in the Access Validation field.
  5. To configure Apigee as the application destination, in the Destination section, select Sideband, and then select the Sideband Client that you created earlier.
  6. Click Save.
    A screen capture showing the configured Destination field, with Sideband selected as the destination and Apigee selected in the Sideband Client field.