The Import Configuration option is a version-specific tool that can import a previously exported configuration. PingAccess checks the exported JSON file to ensure that the file is not from a later version of PingAccess and is compatible with API v3 (PingAccess 5.0 or later).

Large PingAccess configurations can take several hours to import. During an import, you cannot modify or read the PingAccess configuration.


You can automatically import a configuration on a new system as part of the installation and startup process. For more information, see Installing PingAccess on Linux or Installing PingAccess on Windows from the command line.

  1. Click Settings and then go to System > Configuration Export/Import.
  2. Click Import Configuration.
  3. Select the JSON export file that contains the configuration you want to import.
  4. To start the import process, click Import.
  5. When prompted for confirmation, click Confirm.

    You might want to backup your system. This operation is destructive and overwrites your entire PingAccess configuration. Passwords in the system will revert to what they were when the backup was created. Unless you perform a backup prior to restoring a different configuration, the configuration prior to clicking OK will not be recoverable.


    If the import fails, click View failures from last import to view all of the errors logged during the import.

  6. If the Agent or Admin listener key pairs change as a result of the import operation, restart PingAccess.
  7. If the environment is clustered, ensure that the engines are using the proper engine keys. If they are not, re-save the engine to generate a new public key, and reconfigure the engine to use the newly generated key.