Go to System > License to display the details of the current license.

You can upload a new license file using this page. The new license is compared to the existing license, and the UI displays a warning ribbon on the page in certain cases, such as if the uploaded license will expire sooner than the current license. After reviewing any warnings, you can replace the existing license file by importing a new one.

In a clustered environment, the license file on the administrative node is replicated to all of the engine nodes and the replica administrative node. The engine nodes do not require a license to function, but some default templates appear differently depending on the information in the license.

When a license is about to expire or has expired, the UI displays a warning, and a WARNING-level message is added to the PingAccess console log.


If the installation has a running configuration, and the administrator shuts down the server, removes the license file from the file system, and restarts the server, the existing runtime configuration will continue to work. However, the administrator will have to install a new license file on the file system, or upload one through the UI, to access and apply changes through the UI.