PingAccess logs

The following table identifies the available PingAccess logs and their purposes.
PingAccess Logs and Purposes
Name Purpose


Primary troubleshooting log. Records PingAccess runtime and administrative server activities.


Records transactions of configured resources. Additionally, the log records transaction details when PingAccess sends requests to PingFederate, such as Security Token Service (STS)Security Token Service (STS)STS An entity responsible for responding to WS-Trust requests for validation and issuance of security tokens used for SSO authentication to web services., OAuth2, and JSON Web Signature (JWS)JSON Web Signature (JWS)JWS A signed instance of a JSON Web Token (JWT) based on IETF standard syntax and used for the exchange of signed content. requests.


Records PingAccess administrative APIapplication programming interface (API) A specification of interactions available for building software to access an application or service. transactions. These transactions capture activity in the PingAccess administrative console. If you're using scripts to configure PingAccess, this log also records transaction activity.


Records transactions between PingAccess agents and the PingAccess engine.


Records transactions sent to and from the sideband client integration.

pingaccess_sideband_audit.log Records the end-user transactions that the sideband client request captures.


  • The pingaccess.log file is the primary troubleshooting log.
  • Alongside an HTTP trace from the browser, which you can generate from a debugging application like Fiddler, the pingaccess_engine_audit.log and pingaccess_agent_audit.log files are helpful for identifying issues that must be resolved.

For more information about managing PingAccess logs, see Log configuration.