Though this procedure is applicable to any PingAccess cluster upgrade to version 5.0 or later, there are minor variations depending on your PingAccess source version. Those variations are clearly described where applicable.


Some steps, particularly those related to working with a load balancer, are dependent on your environment. It is expected that you are familiar with the tasks required by these steps. This document does not offer detailed instruction on performing these tasks.

You can upgrade from any version using the upgrade utility, or you can upgrade from version 6.1 to the latest maintenance release using the incremental update bundle. This procedure includes the steps for both methods.


To achieve a successful upgrade, perform the tasks in this document in the order that they are presented. Deviation from these tasks might result in a failed upgrade, system downtime, or both.


If you are using PingAccess 3.2 or earlier, you must upgrade to PingAccess 4.3 or 5.3 before upgrading to PingAccess 6.1.

Before you begin, review the Upgrade considerations.

To begin the upgrade process, disable key rolling to prevent active sessions from being invalidated. For more information, see Disabling key rolling.