This procedure makes the following assumptions:

  • The Apache configuration directory is C:/apache24/conf.
  • The Apache modules directory is C:/apache24/modules.

For custom installations:

  • Modify the configuration and module paths below as needed.
  • To modify the values for Apache‚Äôs configuration and module directories, edit the included paa.conf file.
  1. Download and extract pingaccess-agent-apache<version>.zip.
  2. Go to the pingaccess-agent-apache<version> directory.
  3. Copy the paa.conf file into the Apache configuration directory.
  4. Add the following to Apache's httpd.conf file.
    Include conf/paa.conf
  5. Copy the paa folder into the Apache modules directory.
  6. In the PingAccess console, go to Applications > Agents.
  7. Edit a configured agent.

    If the agent has not yet been created, see Adding agents.

  8. In the shared secret, click Download to download the configuration.

    The configuration file is named <agentname>

  9. On the Agent system, create the C:/apache24/conf.d folder if it does not exist.
  10. Copy the <agentname> file to C:/apache24/conf.d/
  11. Restart Apache.