Maximum Connections

Connections to PingAccess are not explicitly connections to the proxied site. PingAccess creates a pool of connections, unlimited in size by default, that are multiplexed to fulfill client requests. Maintenance of the pool includes creating connections to the site when needed, if none are available, and removing connections when they are closed by the backend server due to inactivity.

In certain situations, it can be advantageous to limit the number of connections in the pool for a given website. If, for example, the website is limited to the number of concurrent connections it can handle or has specific HTTP Keep Alive settings, limiting the number of connections from PingAccess can improve overall performance by not overloading the backend server. In the event that all connections in the pool are in use, a requesting thread waits for one to become available. Assuming that the response time from the backend site is sufficiently fast, the time spent waiting for a connection is likely to be less than if the system becomes overloaded.


It is important to understand the limits and tuning of the server application being proxied. Setting the Maximum Connections value too low might create a bottleneck to the proxied site, setting the value too high, or unlimited, might cause PingAccess to overload the server.

For information on setting the Maximum Connections, see Sites documentation.