• Install PingAccess and verify that you can access the administrative console. For information on installing PingAccess, see Installing and Uninstalling PingAccess.

    The default credential set should be changed upon first usage. The default credentials for your PingAccess installation are:

    Username: Administrator
    Password: 2Access
  • If your administrative node uses a proxy for HTTP requests to the token provider, select the HTTP Proxy in the System > Clustering section. For more information, see Configuring administrative nodes.

For more information on configuring the token provider, see Token provider.

  1. Click Settings and then go to System > Token Provider > Common > OpenID Connect.
    1. Go to Settings > System > Token Provider and select Common Token Provider .
  2. In the Issuer field, enter the Microsoft Azure AD Directory ID.

    To obtain the directory ID from Azure AD, in the Azure AD directory, go to Manage > Properties and copy the Directory ID value.

  3. From the Trusted Certificate Group list,
    • Java Trust Store
    • Trust Any
  4. Click Save.
To get the most out of the solution, see Configuring token provider-specific options.