1. Click Settings and then go to HTTP Requests > IP Source.
  2. From the Header Names list, search for the header names you want to add..

    You can add a header by clicking + Header Names or delete a header by clicking the Delete icon.

  3. In the List Value Location field, select either:
    • First
    • Last

    When a list of values is in the header, this step determines if the first value or the last value in the list should be used as the IP Source value. The default value is Last.

  4. To determine if you should use the upstream IP address for rule evaluation, if none of the listed headers are present in the request, either:
    • Select the Fallback to Last Hop IP check box.
    • Clear the Fallback to Last Hop IP check box.

    If this value is disabled and no headers match, the network range rule will return a Forbidden status.


    This option uses the specified headers in an agent deployment, and uses networking layer information in a proxy deployment.

  5. Click Save.