For more information, see Manage IdP adapters.

  1. Go to Authentication > Integration > IdP Adapters.
  2. Click Create New Instance.
  3. In the Instance Name field, enter an instance name of your choosing.

    For example, My_IdP.

  4. In the Instance ID field, enter an instance ID of your choosing.

    For example, myidp.

  5. From the Type list, select HTML Form IdP Adapter, and then click Next.
  6. On the IdP Adapter tab, under Password Credential Validator Instance, click Add a new row to 'Credential Validators'.
  7. From the Password Credential Validator Instance list, select the password credential validator you created previously, for example, My_PCV, and then click Update.
  8. Click Next until the Adapter Attributes tab is displayed.
  9. Locate the username attribute, then select the Pseudonym check box.
  10. Click Next until the Summary tab is displayed. Click Save.
Define the default scope.