If you have customized your log4j2.xml file, you must merge this file with the log4j-categories.xml file introduced in PingAccess 7.3. Otherwise, you receive a warning message after opening the Log Settings page. If you receive this warning, it means that your changes have been saved, but can't be implemented until you have merged the categories that you referenced into the log4j2.xml file.

Logging levels, sometimes abbreviated to log levels, control the amount of information displayed in each log entry for a specific category. The log4j-categories.xml file, first introduced in PingAccess 7.3, defines and allows references to PingAccess-specific logging categories. The Verbose log setting enables you to adjust log levels in the admin console as opposed to directly within the conf/log4j2.xml file. Any changes you make with this setting are effective immediately.


PingAccess records runtime, administrative server activities, and audit activity in the respective log files contained in the <PA_HOME>/log folder. For more information on logging in PingAccess, see the Log configuration section.

  1. In PingAccess, go to Settings > System > Log Settings.
  2. In the Verbose column, select the check boxes that correspond with the categories you want to change.

    By default, all categories (except for the five audit categories) are set to the INFO level. Enabling verbose logging changes the log level for the designated category to DEBUG or TRACE, respectively. When verbose logging is turned off for a designated category, the log level returns to INFO.


    Leaving log categories set to DEBUG or TRACE can decrease your server performance, so make sure to turn off verbose logging when you've finished reviewing your logs.

    For more information on the categories that are available for you to adjust, see Log level category descriptions.

  3. Click Save.