This procedure applies only for gateway deployments. It automates much of the process of configuring a reverse proxy to connect to iovation, such that PingAccess acts as a reverse proxy as described by Retrieving & Serving Dynamic iovation JavaScript in the iovation Help Center. It uses Postman to create a PingAccess application with settings that allow it to act as the reverse proxy for the provided virtual hosts. You can add additional virtual hosts to this application as necessary.

If you are using an agent deployment, iovation recommends one of two models: Reverse proxy or Web device print server. See Retrieving & Serving Dynamic iovation JavaScript for more information about these models.

  1. Go to the <iovation_integration_home>/setup directory.
  2. Import the iovation First Party Dynamic JavaScript Reverse Proxy.postman_collection.json collection file into Postman.
  3. Set the environment variables as described by the collection documentation.
  4. Run the collection.