1. Download the iovation integration bundle from the PingAccess downloads page.
  2. Stop PingAccess.
  3. From the .zip file, copy the integration kit files to the PingAccess directory.
    1. Copy the dist/pa-iovation-rules-version.jar file to the <PA_HOME>/deploy directory.
    2. Copy the contents of the dist/conf directory to the <PA_Home>/conf directory.
    Note: Preserve the relative location of each file within its subdirectory.
  4. Edit the iovation-messages.properties file and copy its contents into the pa-messages.properties file.
    Note: You can edit the values of the new properties as needed.
  5. Start PingAccess.
  6. If you operate PingAccess in a cluster, repeat steps 2-5 for each node.