• Make a backup copy of the PingAccess home directory. If the upgrade fails, use the backup copy to restore PingAccess.
  • Review the release notes for every version between your current version and the target version.
  • Verify that you have the following:
    • The PingAccess incremental update .zip file for the target version
    • Administrator credentials for the running PingAccess instance
  • Verify that basic authentication is configured and enabled for the running PingAccess instance.
  • Verify that the PingAccess host is running.

Use the PingAccess incremental update bundle to upgrade from PingAccess 6.3 or later, the source version, to the most recent maintenance release for that version of PingAccess, the target version. For example, upgrade PingAccess 6.3 to the most recent maintenance release for 6.3.

  1. Stop PingAccess.
  2. Open the readme file included in the extracted .zip bundle.
  3. Make the file changes specified in the readme file.
  4. Restart PingAccess.

After you complete the upgrade, see Performing post-upgrade tasks.