• If you are using PingAccess 3.2 or earlier, upgrade to PingAccess 4.3 or 5.3 before upgrading to the current version of PingAccess.
  • Create a backup of your existing PingAccess configuration. If the upgrade fails, restore your environment from this backup.
  • Review the release notes for every version between your current version and the target version.

    In release 5.0, there are potentially breaking changes to the SDK for Java, Groovy scripts, and the administrative API. For information on these changes and the actions administrators might need to take, review the Upgrade considerations and the PingAccess Release Notes for release 5.0.

  • Verify that you have the following:
    • The PingAccess distribution .zip file
    • Your new PingAccess license file, if you plan to switch to a new license file
    • Sign on access to the PingAccess host, as the utility is run on the host
    • Administrator credentials for the running PingAccess instance
  • Verify that basic authentication is configured and enabled for the running PingAccess instance.
  • Verify that the PingAccess host is running.
  • Verify that you are using the same account normally used to run PingAccess.

If you have set security.overridePropertiesFile=false in $JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/java.security, the upgrade utility might fail because the PingAccess upgrade utility uses an override to enable deprecated ciphers and protocols during the upgrade process.

Use the PingAccess upgrade utility to upgrade from PingAccess 4.0 or later, the source version, to the most recent version, the target version.

The upgrade utility starts an instance of PingAccess with an administrative listener on port 9001. This port number can be changed using the upgrade.bat or upgrade.sh-p parameter. This port configuration is only used for the upgrade. The configured port is used by the upgraded server when the upgrade is complete.

Any warnings or errors encountered are recorded in log/upgrade.log, as well as on-screen while the utility is being run. The upgrade uses an exit code of 0 to indicate a successful upgrade and an exit code of 1 to indicate failure.


If you are upgrading from version 4.3 or earlier, and your installation uses custom plugins, they must be rebuilt using the SDK version included in PingAccess 5.0 or later. Run the upgrade utility manually with the new -i command-line option to specify a directory containing the custom plugin JAR files and only the custom plugin JAR files. To migrate your custom plugins, see the PingAccess Addon SDK for Java Migration Guide.


During the upgrade, do not make any changes to the running PingAccess environment.

  1. Copy the .zip file for the new PingAccess version to the PingAccess host and extract it.
  2. Change to the new version's /upgrade/bin directory.
  3. Run the PingAccess upgrade utility:
    • On Windows: upgrade.bat [-p <admin_port>] [-i <directory>] [-j <jvm_memory_options_file>] [-l <newPingAccessLicense>] [-s | --silent] <sourcePingAccessRootDir>
    • On Linux: ./upgrade.sh [-p <admin_port>] [-i <directory>] [-j <jvm_memory_options_file>] [-l <newPingAccessLicense>] [-s | --silent] <sourcePingAccessRootDir>
    For example: ./upgrade.sh -p 9002 -i MyJARDir pingaccess-5.3

After you complete the upgrade, see Performing post-upgrade tasks.