With growing numbers of internal and external users, and more and more enterprise resources available online, ensure that qualified users can access only those resources to which they have permission.

WAM is a form of identity management that controls access to web resources, providing authentication and policy-based access management. After a user is authenticated, PingAccess applies application and resource-level policies to the request. After policy evaluation is passed, any required identity mediation between the backend site and the authenticated user is performed. The user is then granted access to the requested resource.

PingAccess provides two deployment architectures for WAM - gateway and agent. In a gateway deployment client requests are routed to PingAccess, which then forwards authorized requests to the target application. In an agent deployment, client requests are intercepted at the web server hosting the application using the PingAccess agent plugin. The agent then communicates with PingAccess policy server to validate access before allowing the request to proceed to the target application resource.