A site is only used in a gateway deployment. It contains the target address for the protected web application and any other information necessary to access the application.

For more information about this procedure, including optional steps that aren't included here, see Adding sites .

  1. Click Applications and then go to Sites > Sites.
  2. Click + Add Site.
  3. In the Site Name field, enter a unique name of up to 64 characters, including special characters and spaces.

    This name is used internally.

  4. In the Targets field, enter one or more targets.

    These targets are the actual locations of the site. The format for this is hostname:port or IP address:port, such as www.example.com:80.

  5. Select the Secure check box if the site is expecting HTTPS connections.

    This decision depends on whether the target expects an HTTPS connections from the PingAccess system to the protected web application.

    If you select Secure, you must also select a Trusted Certificate Group from the list, or select Trust Any to trust any certificate presented by the listed targets. The trusted certificate group defines what certificates or issuing certificate authorities PingAccess will trust when acting as a client to the backend server.

    For information about importing a certificate and creating a trusted certificate group, see Importing certificates and Creating trusted certificate groups.

  6. Click Save.

    If the target site can't be contacted, PingAccess saves the site and displays a warning indicating the reason the site couldn't be reached.