To publish to your AWS deployment package store from the Policy Editor, configure a new IAM user to access the S3 bucket in accordance with the policy that you created in Configuring the IAM user policy.

  1. In the AWS Management Console, on to the IAM dashboard, go to Access Management > Users and click Create user.
    Screen capture of the Users page with the Add users button in the IAM dashboard of AWS Management Console
  2. Define a username and click Next.
  3. On the Set permissions page, select Attach policies directly, and then select the policy you created in Configuring the IAM user policy.
    1. Optional: Select Create policy to configure a different user policy.
  4. On the Review and create confirmation page, review your configurations and click Create user to create the IAM user.
  5. Optional: Attach user attribute tags.
  6. On the Users page, search for and click on the newly created user.
  7. On the Security credentials tab, in the Access keys section, click Create access key.
  8. Click Application running outside AWS. Click Next.
  9. Optional: In the Description tag value field, enter a description for the access key and click Create access key.
  10. Copy both the Access key ID and Secret access key values to a secure location. Click Done.

    These values will be used when configuring connections to the Policy Editor and PingAuthorize server.


    You cannot recover these credentials at a later time.