PingAuthorize has two GUIs:
  • Administrative console
  • Policy Editor

If you have problems connecting because of self-signed certificates, click Advanced or try a different browser.

  • Access either the administrative console or the Policy Editor.
    • To make configuration changes to PingAuthorize Server, access the administrative console.
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      Details to enter at sign-on

      • Server: pingauthorize:1636
      • Username: administrator
      • Password: 2FederateM0re

      If submitting the form results in a Server unavailable error, wait longer for the containers to reach an equilibrium healthy state, as described in Verifying proper startup.

    • To make and test policy changes, access the Policy Editor.

      This GUI calculates decision responses when you configure PingAuthorize to use the GUI as an external policy decision point.

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      Details to enter at sign-on

      • User ID: admin
      • Password: password123