1. Run dsconfig in interactive mode. Enter the LDAP or LDAPS connection parameters when prompted.
    $ bin/dsconfig
  2. Enter o to change to the Advanced Objects menu.
  3. On the main menu, enter the number for the Plugin menu.
  4. From the Plugin management menu, enter the number to create a new plugin.
  5. Enter t to use an existing plugin as a template.
  6. Enter the number corresponding to the existing stats logger as a template.
  7. Enter a descriptive name for the new stats logger.
  8. Enter the log file path to the file.
    For example, type logs/dsstats2.csv.
  9. On the menu, make any desired changes to the properties for the logger.

    For information about the included-http-servlet-stat property, see Logging HTTP performance statistics using the Periodic Stats Logger.

    Note: On this menu, you can also change the format from csv to json.
  10. Enter f to save and apply the configuration.