1. In the Policy Editor, go to Policies in the left pane and then click Policies along the top.
  2. From the + menu, select Add Policy.
  3. For the name, replace Untitled with User cannot delete a Device resource.
  4. Click the + next to Applies to.
  5. Click Add definitions and targets, or drag from Components and add the delete action.
  6. Set Combining Algorithm to Unless one decision is deny, the decision will be permit.

    You should have a screen similar to the following one for the policy so far.

    Screen capture of the Policies tab showing the User cannot delete a Device resource policy, configured as specified
  7. Add a rule to deny the deletion of Device resources.
    1. Click + Add Rule.
    2. For the name, replace Untitled with If the SCIM resource type is Device, then deny.
    3. Set Effect to Deny.
    4. Click + Comparison.
    5. In the Select an Attribute list, select the SCIM2.resource.meta.resourceType attribute.
    6. In the second field, select Equals.
    7. In the third field, specify Devices as the constant.
    8. Add a statement to provide a custom message.
      1. Within the rule, click Show Statements.
      2. Click + next to Statements.
      3. Click + Add Statement > Denied Reason.
      4. For the name, specify denied-reason.
      5. Set Applies To to Deny.
      6. In the Payload field:
        • Remove


        • Change

          Human-readable error message


          System has restricted the ability to delete Device resources

    9. Click Save changes.

      Your rule should be similar to the following one.

      Screen capture of the rule to deny the deletion of Device resources, configured as specified
  8. Send test requests to the SCIM service, and verify data using the Policy Editor's Decision Visualiser.