• In the docker run command, specify the desired following environment variables using the --env command-line option:
    • --dbAdminUsername
    • --dbAdminPassword
    • --dbAppUsername
    • --dbAppPassword
This example initializes the policy database with the admin credentials admin / Passw0rd and the application credentials app / S3cret. Also, it uses the Ping DevOps image.

Specify a separate volume to store the policy database to perform future upgrades. See Deploying PingAuthorize Policy Editor using Docker.

Note: For proper communication between containers, create a Docker network using a command such as docker network create --driver <network_type> <network_name>, and then connect to that network with the --network=<network_name> option.
$ docker run --network=<network_name> \
  --env PING_DB_ADMIN_USERNAME=admin \
  --env PING_DB_ADMIN_PASSWORD=Passw0rd \
  --env PING_DB_APP_USERNAME=app \
  --env PING_DB_APP_PASSWORD=S3cret \