The steps below show how to use dsconfig to enable the plugin.
  1. Run dsconfig in interactive mode. Enter the LDAP or LDAPS connection parameters when prompted.
    $ bin/dsconfig
  2. Enter o to change to the Advanced Objects menu.
  3. On the main menu, enter the number for the Plugin menu.
  4. On the Plugin menu, enter the number corresponding to view and edit an existing plugin.
  5. On the Plugin selection list, enter the number corresponding to the Stats Logger.
  6. On the Stats Logger Plugin menu, enter the number to set the enabled property to TRUE.

    If the server is idle, nothing is logged. You can log data even when idle by setting the suppress-if-idle property to FALSE (suppress-if-idle=false).

    Note: On this menu, you can also change the format from csv to json.
  7. When done changing properties, enter f to save and apply the configuration.

    The default logger logs information about the server every second to <server-root>/logs/dsstats.csv. You can open the file in a spreadsheet.