Ping Identity Support might ask you to enable debug logging for the Kong Gateway integration kit. Changing these settings logs the full authorization request and response between the ping-auth plugin in Kong Gateway and PingAuthorize.


This could log sensitive and personally identifiable information (PII). Enable debug logging only when troubleshooting and disable it afterward.

  1. Enable error logging in Kong Gateway.
  2. To view debug messages, configure Kong error log verbosity.

    For more information, see the Kong Gateway Logging Reference documentation.

    For example, in a Docker environment, you can set the environment variable KONG_LOG_LEVEL to debug to set the verbosity.

  3. To enable debug logging, edit settings for the ping-auth plugin and select the Config.Enable Debug Logging check box.
  4. View the Kong Gateway error log.

    For example, when depoloying Docker, you can use the docker-compose logs kong --follow command.

  5. Look for messages containing ping-auth.

    A typical log message looks like: [ping-auth] Sending sideband request to policy provider.