The release is the first release of PingAuthorize. Previously, the product was known as PingDataGovernance.

General considerations

For Docker deployments, the upgrade process involves downloading and deploying the latest containers.

For manual installations, the upgrade process involves downloading and extracting a new version of the PingAuthorize Server .zip file on the server and running the update utility with the --serverRoot or -R option value from the new root server pointing to the installation.

Consider the following when upgrading:

  • If you are upgrading from a PingAuthorize Early Access release to a PingAuthorize General Availability release, you must upgrade both the PingAuthorize Server and the Policy Editor before you use the Policy Decision Service in external mode. Upgrading only one component results in this error: Please upgrade to PingAuthorize Policy Editor version <X.X.X.X>.
  • The update affects only the server being upgraded. The process does not alter the configuration of other servers, so you must update those servers separately.
  • The update tool verifies that the installed version of Java meets the new server requirements. To simplify the process, install the version of Java that is supported by the new server before running the tool.
  • Upgrades for PingDataGovernance Server are only supported from versions or later. If upgrading from a version of PingDataGovernance prior to, configuration loss will occur. The update tool has a warning message about this.

For additional considerations, see Planning your upgrade.


For information about important fixes made over several releases, see Critical Fixes.