1. Sign on to the Policy Editor and choose any branch to go to the main landing page.
  2. Select Branch Manager from the navigation bar on the left, and open the Merge Snapshot tab.
  3. Click the file selection option, and go to the resource/policies/upgrade-snapshots folder of the new Policy Editor deployment.
  4. Select the correct SNAPSHOT file based on the version you are upgrading from and the version to which you are upgrading.
    Important: If you are upgrading from 7.3.0.x, use the 7.3.0.x-to- and merge that (per the next step) before you select and merge
    When upgrading from version to version, use resource/policies/upgrade-snapshots/
  5. Merge the partial snapshot.

    Merge conflicts might occur where objects have been updated. If you have not modified the objects in conflict, you can safely select Keep Snapshots.

  6. Return to your PingAuthorize Server installation.
  7. Run the following dsconfig command to configure PingAuthorize Server to use the latest Trust Framework version:
    dsconfig set-policy-decision-service-prop \
      --set trust-framework-version:v2