1. Go to the PingAuthorize Server root directory.
  2. Run the uninstall command.
    $ ./uninstall
  3. Select the option to remove all components or select the components you want to remove.
    To remove selected components, enter yes when prompted.
    Remove Server Libraries and Administrative Tools? (yes / no) [yes]: yes
    Remove Log Files? (yes / no) [yes]: no
    Remove Configuration and Schema Files? (yes / no) [yes]: yes
    Remove Backup Files Contained in bak Directory? (yes / no) [yes]: no
    Remove LDIF Export Files Contained in ldif Directory? (yes / no) [yes]: no
    The files will be permanently deleted, are you sure you want to continue? (yes / no) [yes]:
  4. Manually delete any remaining files or directories.
To remove PingAuthorize Policy Editor, run stop-server and remove its installation directory.